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Quesnel Community Foundation takes part in new, “In Our Hearts - Community Response Fund”

Thursday, June 18, 2020

 Community Response Fund Grant Proposal


The Quesnel Community Foundation (QCF) is your local charity that supports other charitable and non-profit organizations within the North Cariboo, through the distribution of grants to qualified donees.  With an endowment of three million dollars, the QCF distributed over $120,000 this year, including local scholarships and bursaries to be presented this June


The QCF has just received a one time grant of $30,000 from the Vancouver Community Foundation; this is to be used to support qualified donees in the Quesnel area whose staff, volunteers, programs and operations have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. To qualify for this funding, you must be a charitable or non-profit organization (or have a sponsoring charity); based in the Quesnel area, and be able to demonstrate an intention to use the funds to address at least one of the following priorities:

  • The economic impact of lost work and increased precarious employment for arts, culture, and community benefit organization, particularly those that support, engage, and work with equity-seeking groups.
  • Loss of revenue confirmed prepaid and unrecoverable expenses due to mandated COVID-19 closures resulting in cancellations or postponed activities.
  • Immediate needs arts, culture, and other community benefit organizations in remote and/or small and rural municipalities.
  • New and additional costs incurred to date due to COVID-19, to support operations and human resource needs such as paid sick leave, work from home needs, and the equity and access impacts of technology.

Please submit your Letter of Intent and request via email to 


Tell us who you are:


Organization Name: _____________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: _________________________           Postal Code: ________________________


Phone Number: ________________           Email: _____________________________


Contact for this Proposal: ________________________________________________


Contact Phone Number: ________________      Email: ________________________


Registered Charity Number (or name of sponsoring charity):




Amount Requested from the QCF: ________________________________________


Please provide a Letter of Intent (maximum one page) describing your organization and the effects Covid 19 has had on your day to day activities.  Include in this letter how you plan to use the Funds if your request is granted.  Once the funds have been spent, you will need to send us a final report that we can add it to our submission to the Vancouver Community Foundation.


Signed: ___________________________________       Date: ____________________


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